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Simple photo editor for creating composite images

FotoMix is a photo editor that allows you to add people from one picture onto another picture or background.

Simple interface design

FotoMix features a simple interface divided into five tabs, each for a specific purpose: select background image, select foreground image, create a composition with them, add up some final touches and finish.

In the Background tab, you can resize, crop, paste, flip the image around, rotate, tune the colours of the photo and add different effects. There are pretty similar commands in the Foreground tab. When cropping the picture, it seems to stretch the dimensions.

Limited and basic editing tools

Using FotoMix is simple: all you have to do is select the background image, the person or object in the foreground person and apply one onto the other. Then simply erase the redundant background in the Composition tab, and polish the result in the Touch up tab. The resulting image can be embellished with a frame and saved in several different graphic formats.

It is usually a trick found in Photoshop, but now with FotoMix you can also add people from another picture into your exisiting photo, even if you have no idea how to use Adobe’s editor.

FotoMix is a handy tool for photo composition that doesn't require much skill. However, the controls seem a bit outdated and clunky, while more advanced users will find it annoyingly limited: the tools are too basic. And the results are not fantastic. There is also no undo button in the composition tab so if you make a mistake you have to start the process again from scratch.

Struggling to keep up with the competition

With the various image editing tools out there, FotoMix's specific functions seems a little redundant these days. Adding a person onto another photo is something you can do with other programs and the tools in FotoMix don't offer you many options. Having said that, it is an easy-to-use photo editor that lets you create image compositions without any editing skills.

Don't install Funmoodes if not wanted.


  • Don't install Funmoodes if not wanted.


  • No image editing skills required
  • Simple tabbed interface


  • Limited editing tools
  • No undo command

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FotoMix 9.2.7 for PC

User reviews about FotoMix

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Very Simple to use.
    It's very easy to compose two images. But sometimes it fails to open some of my images.

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    it is interesting.
    i think its is too easy and enjoyable. thanks

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    I love this page.
    I think fotoMix is the cute and awesome for making pictures beautiful Pros: The way pictures look

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Competition to Adobe Photo Shop.
    Foto Mix is an awesome, easy to use, excellent output quality, and most excitingly is freMore

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